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@Work 2010.11.11
What's knowledge and power for if not to make a difference?
Today's Lesson
INFLUENCE   影響を与える、影響
To influence (verb) is to have an effect on something or to have an effect on the way someone thinks or acts.

The noun form is influence.

Someone or something with a lot of influence is influential (adjective).
動詞の influence は、物事や、人の考え方や行動に影響を与える、という意味です。

名詞形は influence で、影響、影響力、という意味です。

influential (形容詞)は、人や物事が大きな影響力を持っている、という意味になります。
1 Chinese ideas greatly influenced early Japan.
2 Of course, I was influenced by my mother when it came time for me to choose a career. She is, after all, a very important person in her field.
3 (question at a press conference)
Did the company's large contributions to your campaign influence how you voted on the forestry bill?
4 My father used his influence to get me an internship with the organization.
5 Their influence on recent developments in commercial advertising has been enormous.
6 The magazine did a cover story on the 50 most influential bloggers in the country.
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