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2011.01.07(Review of 2006.10.24 edition)

What man or woman wouldn't be proud to live up to the fullest meaning of this word?

Today's Lesson
INTEGRITY   誠実、職業上の高度な基準


  • Someone has integrity if they always act honestly and morally or if they have high professional standards.
  • integrity とは、常に行動が正直かつ道徳的であること、あるいは職業上の高度な基準、という意味です。
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  1. (in a letter of recommendation)
    Julia's integrity and commitment to service made her a tremendous asset to our organization.
  2. (at a meeting of company managers)
    The best way to foster integrity among our employees is for us to model appropriate conduct ourselves.
  3. (to sales staff)
    Your professional integrity must be beyond question. You must never use a hard sell, and you'll be held accountable for any promises you make to the customer.
  4. The company's Code of Conduct requires that all employees perform their duties with the highest integrity.

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