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Here's a word with a mixed reputation, and whether you consider it a positive trait or not might depend on how closely it applies to you!

Today's Lesson


  • To be idealistic is to speak or act according to strong beliefs (for example, about what is fair or morally right), especially when it may not seem realistic or practical to others.
  • idealistic は、(例えば、公正さや道徳的な正しさについての)強い信念に従って発言したり行動したりする、つまり、理想主義、のという意味で、特に、他の人にはそうした言動が現実的、実践的に思えないような場合に用います。
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  1. I used to think she was too idealistic to be successful in business, but she sure proved me wrong.
  2. Many smaller environmental organizations rely on volunteers, especially idealistic college students with lots of energy and enthusiasm.
  3. The company is very conservative and takes a pragmatic approach to everything. I don't think management will listen to such idealistic views.

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