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2011.09.12 (Review of 2009.03.30 edition)

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Once again, the WordMaster means business this week, and he'll be teaching you some of the most authentic business language he knows!

Today's Lesson
MENTOR   指導者、助言者、指導する、助言する


  • A mentor (noun) is an experienced person who trains, guides, or advises someone with less experience.

    The verb form is also mentor.
  • mentor (名詞)とは、経験の浅い人に対して、教育したり、指導したり、アドバイスしたりする経験豊かな人のことです。

    動詞形も mentor で、指導する、助言する、という意味です。
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  1. This is John Miller. John's been a mentor of mine since I started at the company.
  2. We assign mentors to all new employees so that they can settle in as quickly as possible.
  3. Sometimes older alumni (= people who graduated from a particular school) agree to mentor new graduates and help them with their job hunt and career building.
  4. Mentoring young interns has always been my favorite part of the job.

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