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VALUE-ADDED   付加価値(のある)


  • Value-added (hyphenated adjective) goods or services have been improved in some way or include something extra that makes them worth more. Value-added can also describe the improvements or additions themselves.

    Value-added tax or VAT is a form of sales (or consumption) tax used in the European Union and other parts of the world. It's based on the difference between the price a business charges its customers for a product and the cost of the materials, etc., it used to make the product.
  • ハイフンつきの形容詞の value-added は、商品やサービスに、何らかの改良がされていたり、より価値のあるものにする追加のものが含まれていたりする、つまり、付加価値のある、という意味です。また、改良された点や加えられた点、つまり、付加価値そのものを意味することもあります。

    value-added tax 略して VAT は、欧州連合やその他の地域で使われている消費税の一種、付加価値税のことです。これは、企業が顧客に請求する商品の価格と、その商品を生産するために使った原材料などの費用との差に基づいて決められます。
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  1. Our value-added food products taste better, save you time in the kitchen, and have longer shelf lives.
  2. The country has banned the export of raw mineral products so that more value-added processing can be done domestically.
  3. (hotel advertisement)
    Our value-added amenities include complimentary wireless Internet, free bottled water, and a state-of-the-art fitness room and hot tub.
  4. (restaurant menu)
    All prices include VAT at the standard rate of 20%.

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