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Today's Lesson
FLAT RATE   均一料金、均一料率


  • A flat rate is a price, tax rate, etc., that does not change, regardless of the situation.
  • flat rate とは、状況に応じて変わることのない価格や税率などのことです。
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  1. We charge a flat rate per unit. That means the price is the same whether you buy one unit or a thousand.
  2. I used to pay for Internet service by the minute. Now I just pay a flat rate per month.
  3. We offer 2-day shipping to anywhere in the country at a flat rate of $7.95 per order.
  4. The new automotive place on Tucker Blvd. will do any repair job for a flat rate of $50/hour plus parts.
  5. One candidate is in favor of a flat rate tax of 15% for all income levels. The other prefers a progressive tax so that higher income earners pay more.

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