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Hello again! We feel very fortunate to have you along with us again today. Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?!

Today's Lesson
PIECE RATE   出来高払い


  • A piece rate is a payment based on the amount of work you do (for example, for each item produced) rather than on the hours you work.
  • piece rate とは、働く時間ではなく、行う仕事の量に基づいて(例えば、1つの製品を生産するごとに)給与が支払われる仕組みのことです。
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  1. Since I started working at a piece rate, I've been able to earn about 30% more money than when I was on a fixed salary.
  2. (factory owner)
    Paying our workers on a piece rate has resulted in increased productivity.
  3. Employees are guaranteed a minimum hourly wage until they reach their quota. Anything above their quota is then paid on a piece-rate basis.

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