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Happy New Year! We offer you the warmest of greetings on this first day of Berlitz WordMaster 2002.

New Years in the United States is a time for loud, spirited celebration, but in Japan these first days of the year seem slower, more thoughtful. In both countries, however, people use this time to look back on the previous year and decide what was good and not so good about it. People often make a fresh start and try to make the new year better than the old. This will be the theme of our first three editions for 2002.

Here's your "初-WordMaster"!
START (ALL) OVER (初めから)やり直す

To start over is to begin again. You can add emphasis by saying start all over.

start over は、やり直すという意味です。 start all over と言うと、
1.Last week on New Year's Eve, after all the cleaning was done and we had taken our baths, we ate soba and went to listen to the ringing of the temple bell. I felt reborn and hopeful, ready to start over and make my life better than before.
2.Many artists have to start a painting over many times before they are finally able to create their masterpiece.
3.They made the runners start the race over when one of the athletes started too soon.
4.Only when I took the cake out of the oven did I realize I had forgotten to add baking powder. So I threw the cake away and started all over
5.After my computer crashed, I had to start all over again. But in the end it was the best piece of work I'd ever done!
Take care!

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