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HELPING vs. PORTION   ひと盛り vs. 一人前

A helping or portion of food is the amount put on a person's plate, bowl, etc. at one time. 

(Be careful: We use the word helping more often when eating at our own or someone else's home and use portion more often when eating out.)

helping または portion は、皿や椀などに盛る一人分の量のことです。

注意:helping は、自分の家や誰かの家での食事についていう場合に多く使われ、外食の場合は portion をよく使います。
1.Would you like another helping of mashed potatoes, Sue?
2.a:How about some more?
b:No thank you. I've already had three helpings.
3.I go to the Texas Steak House for the large portions and friendly service.
4.The portions at this restaurant have gotten smaller recently.
5.Could I have an extra large portion of French fries with my meal?
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