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2006.01.26(Review of 2003.09.04 edition)


It's easy to forget, but even CEOs have bosses. We'll complete our “The View from the Top” series by introducing you to the real power at the top!

Today's Lesson


  • The board of directors - or board - is a group of people who meet regularly to oversee operations and make or approve decisions concerning the overall policy and direction of a company or organization.
  • board of directors、または、省略して board とは、企業や組織の運営を監督し、その体制や全般的な経営・運営方針に関する決定を下したり、承認したりするために定期的に会合をもつ人達のことです。


  1. The CEO met with the board of directors to ask them to approve plans for the company's expansion.
  2. The board of directors meets on the second Friday of each month.
  3. It's an environmental NGO that has several prominent business leaders and even a member of the royal family on its board of directors.
  4. The board has told the CEO that if the company's performance doesn't improve soon, they'll have to let him go.
  5. Five new board members have been elected for three-year terms.

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