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For Life
2007.01.15(Review of 2000.11.14 edition)

Greetings, and prepare to receive another week of exquisitely useful words and phrases to keep life exciting and your English on an upward trend! This week's editions take up the subject of communication, a theme that is especially close to the WordMaster's heart!

Today's Lesson
DESCRIBE   様子を述べる


  • To describe someone or something means to talk (or write) about its characteristics; for example, its shape, size, smell, price, age, hair color, personality, etc.
  • describe とは、ものや人の特長(例えば、形や大きさ、におい、価格、年齢、髪の毛の色、性格など)について、話したり書いたりすること、つまり、様子を述べる、ということです。


  1. (at the airport baggage claim counter)
    a: Can you describe your bag for me, sir?
    b: Sure. It's a large leather suitcase, and my initials are on the handle.
  2. a: What kind of insect was it that bit you?
    b: It's hard to describe. Let me draw a picture of it for you.
  3. a: How was your hotel?
    b: I was disappointed. It was so different from how it was described in the brochure.
  4. a: Describe the kind of woman you'd like to marry.
    b: She should be bright, attractive, very kind and generous, curious about the world, and have an active lifestyle.

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