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We've written this week's WordMaster editions in anticipation of the Doll's or Girl's Festival on Saturday. It's a set of adjectives often used to describe children. These are five characteristics that would be welcome in any child, girl or boy!

Today's Lesson
BRIGHT (= intelligent)   頭のよい


  • If someone (especially a young person) is bright, they learn quickly and easily.
  • bright とは、すばやく、簡単に物事を習得できる、つまり、頭のよい、という意味です。(特に若い人に使います。)


  1. a: My daughter has been accepted into the Berlitz Institute of Technology.
    b: Wow! She must be very bright.
  2. (a teacher talking about one of her students)
    She's extremely bright for her age, a real pleasure to teach!
  3. Tommy was a bright, active child. I always knew he'd amount to something (= he'd be successful).

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