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HASSLE   面倒なこと、けんか


  • Hassle (uncountable) or “a hassle” (countable) is annoying trouble or a situation that causes such trouble.

    A hassle can also be an argument.
  • hassle は、人をイライラさせる厄介事や、そうした厄介事の原因となる状況、のことです。数えられない名詞として集合的に使う場合と、数えられる名詞として使う場合があります。

    hassle には、けんか、口論、という意味もあります。



  1. I tried going on a diet once, but it didn't last long. Counting calories is too much hassle.
  2. Going through airport security is such a hassle these days.
  3. (Sharon's mother, after Sharon and Evan's wedding)
    Planning and preparing the wedding was a major hassle, but it was worth all the trouble to see Sharon and Evan so happy.
  4. a: If your flight was so bad, why don't you write a letter and complain to the airline?
    b: Because it's not worth the hassle.
  5. I realize that this house is too small for our family now, but I really don't want to go through all the hassle of moving.
  6. (teenager to a friend)
    My parents gave me a hassle about coming home late last night.
  7. (to her husband, who drives a taxi)
    a: How was your day?
    b: Not good. I got into a hassle with a passenger who thought I had charged him too much.

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