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Business is often likened to a battlefield, and today we take you to the front lines!

Today's Lesson
PRICE WAR   価格競争


  • A price war is intense competition among companies, each trying to sell their product at a lower price than the other companies in order to increase sales.
  • price war とは、各企業が、他社より低い価格で商品を販売して、売り上げを伸ばそうとする企業間の激しい競争、つまり、価格競争のことです。



  1. (fictional news report)
    The current price war among video game manufacturers has made today's most popular games more affordable than ever.
  2. (small-company executive)
    Another price war like we had three years ago would be the end of us.
    Our profit margin is already razor thin (= very low).
  3. The cell phone price war has been heating up recently, as providers offer more and more ways to cut monthly service charges.

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