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It's good to see you again! Thanks for keeping us company this week. Now, please allow us to return the favor by introducing you to this little gem!

Today's Lesson
CATCH (= hear)   聞き取る、理解する


  • To catch what someone is saying is to hear it or understand it.
  • catch とは、人が言っていることを聞き取る、または、理解する、という意味です。

CATCH (= hear)


  1. Would you mind saying that again? I didn't quite catch it.
  2. (on the phone)
    I'm sorry, but I couldn't catch what you said. Would you please speak up (= speak more loudly) a little?
  3. I don't catch your meaning. Are you saying that you don't know how to fix the TV or that it can't be fixed at all?
  4. (after being shown how to use an Internet search engine)
    I think I understood most of what you said, but I didn't catch the part about using the Advanced Search page.

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