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The first day of December has traditionally been the start of WordMaster's Christmas season, our countdown to the night when Santa Claus comes to town. Of course, whether one is excited about the old elf's imminent arrival all depends on whether one has been a good little boy or girl this year, doesn't it? So let's take some time this week to consider what it might mean to be “naughty or nice!”

Today's Lesson
CURIOUS   好奇心の強い


  • A curious person is very interested in learning about things in general or about something in particular.
  • 人について curious と言うと、一般的なこと、または特定の何かについて学ぶことに、強い興味を持っている、つまり、好奇心の強い、という意味です。



  1. She was a very curious child, always reading and asking questions.
  2. I've always been curious about your tattoo. What does that symbol mean?
  3. He's got a big crush on her and is curious to find out if she has a boyfriend or not.
  4. a: Do you like natto?
    b: Not very much. Why?
    a: I was just curious.

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