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2008.04.09(Review of 2004.10.12 edition)


Most people enjoy their work more - and are more successful - when they're doing what they do best. So it only stands to reason that a company should focus on its strengths too, right?

Today's Lesson


  • A company's core business is its main business - usually what it does best.
  • core business は、ある企業の中心的な事業のことです。たいていは、その企業が最も得意とする事業、つまり、本業、という意味です。



  1. (at a high-level meeting)
    It's my opinion that too much diversification has hurt this company. It's time we start focusing more on our core business.
  2. Most of our profits come from our two core businesses: food packaging and distribution. They're where we've always been strongest relative to the competition.
  3. (business analyst)
    The causes of the firm's current financial crisis are clear: they've been neglecting their core business while rather unsuccessfully trying to expand their presence into other sectors in which they have little expertise.

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