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2008.05.01(Review of 2004.03.09 edition)

Honing job skills, fostering camaraderie, and improving morale - these are only a few of the benefits of today's welcome respite from office routine. If only this kind of event came around more often!

Today's Lesson


  • A company retreat is an event during which employees spend one or more days together outside of the workplace in order to conduct training, team building, planning, etc.
  • company retreat は、従業員たちが一日あるいはそれ以上、職場以外の場所で、研修やチームワークの育成、企画立案などの目的で一緒に過ごす行事、つまり、社員旅行のことです。



  1. This year's company retreat will be held at a resort in Gifu Prefecture, where we'll focus on team building and improving communication skills.
  2. (company employee)
    I was pleased to see that management was serious about following up on the ideas generated at the last company retreat.
  3. (veteran employee to new recruit)
    You'll enjoy our company retreats. They're more like vacations than work.

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