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2009.01.30(Review of 2006.07.27 edition)

You've probably heard the story about a group of hardworking, forward-thinking ants and a grasshopper who lived a little too much in the moment. Well, here's a government safety net for those who may have forgotten to take a lesson from the ants!

Today's Lesson


  • Social Security is a system through which the government regularly pays money to people who have retired, are unemployed, or are too sick to work.

    It's also what we call such payments.
  • Social Security とは、政府が、退職者や失業者、病気のために働けない人などに、定期的に金銭を支払う制度のことです。

    Social Security は、そのような支払いをさすこともあります。



  1. Because of concerns about the future of the Social Security system, people are being encouraged to save more for retirement.
  2. Has this month's Social Security check arrived yet?
  3. My Social Security isn't nearly enough to live on. Most of my monthly income comes from private investments and my company pension.

英会話レッスンWhile you're working hard to stash away something for the future, don't forget to take a lesson from the grasshopper as well: Why not take this weekend to stop and smell the roses?