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Hello again! We have the great pleasure of bringing you the @Work edition for Thursday. (Now aren't you glad you peeked into your inbox?)

Today's Lesson


  • Incoming mail, phone calls, etc., are RECEIVED at your end.
    Outgoing mail, phone calls, etc., are SENT or MADE from your end.
  • 郵便物や電話などについて incoming と言うと、自分の方で受け取るものをさします。
    郵便物や電話などについて outgoing と言うと、自分の方から送ったり、かけたりするものをさします。



  1. (job description)
    The receptionist answers incoming calls and forwards them to the appropriate department in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. (hotel employee to guest)
    I'm sorry, but this phone can't be used for outgoing calls. You'll have to use the payphone in the lobby or the phone in your room.
  3. You can put any outgoing mail in this box. The people in the mailroom pick it up twice a day.

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