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The days of the week and the months of the year all have their own names, but how do we talk about the weeks themselves?

Today's Lesson
THE WEEK OF THE (28th)   (28)日の週


  • You can refer to a particular week by the date of the Monday it begins on. For example, since the Monday of the last week in December (2009) is the 28th, you can call that week the week of the 28th.
  • ある週を、その週が始まる月曜日の日付で表すことができます。例えば、(2009年)12月の最終週の月曜日は28日なので、その週を the week of the 28th (28日の週)と言うことができます。



  1. How about scheduling the office Christmas party for the week of the 21st? The restaurant said we could reserve a room for that Monday or Tuesday, or on Christmas Eve.
  2. (overseas plant manager to new vice-president of production)
    a: I'd love to show you around the facility.
    b: I think I could get away for a couple of days during the week of February 12th. Would that work?
  3. Our office will be closed the week of the 28th of December.

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