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A truly superb product will often sell itself, but having a dazzling sales team working for you will increase your chances of success even further. Of course, the best salespeople will have to be generously compensated for their hard work, but the sales they generate will more than offset the cost of their upkeep. So don't you think such valuable personnel deserve their 15 minutes of glory? Or how about a whole WEEK of glory?

You guessed it - this week is dedicated to the ...

Today's Lesson


  • A sales representative or sales rep is someone employed by a company to sell its products.
  • sales representative または sales rep とは、企業に雇われて、その企業の製品を販売する人、つまり、営業員や販売員のことです。



  1. A sales representative from Berlitz Business Machines is coming by this afternoon to show us some scanners.
  2. I appreciate it when sales reps don't try to use hard-sell tactics.
  3. Before I accepted a salaried position in the marketing department, I was a sales rep working on commission.

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