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Today's Lesson
LEVERAGE   てこいれ(する)、影響力、活用(する)


  • Leverage (noun) is the use of borrowed money or certain kinds of investments (for example, stocks that rise and fall in value more quickly than similar investments) in order to increase your potential return on investment.

    The verb form is also leverage.

    Leverage (noun) is also power or influence that can be used to one's advantage.

    To leverage (verb) power, education, time, or something else of value is to use it more effectively.
  • leverage (名詞)は、自分の潜在的な投資収益率を上げるために、借入金やある種の投資(例えば、他の似たような投資よりも速く価値が上下する株式など)を用いること、つまり、てこいれのことです。

    動詞形も leverage です。

    また、Leverage には、自分を有利にするために利用できる力や、影響力という意味もあります。

    力、教育、時間、またはその他の価値あるものについて、leverage (動詞)と言うと、より効果的に利用する、活用する、という意味になります。


  1. You're using leverage when you take out a mortgage to invest in real estate.
  2. He leveraged $5000 of his own money and bought $25,000 worth of shares.
  3. The labor union is very good at using its considerable leverage with legislators to get worker-friendly laws passed.
  4. Senior citizens groups have a great deal of political leverage in this country.
  5. We've been able to keep a 40% market share by effectively leveraging our long history and reputation for quality.

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