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Welcome back from the weekend!

Certainly no self-respecting plumber would ever be caught without a monkey wrench, nor would a photojournalist ever think to leave home without a telephoto lens. Well, there are certain words that every proud businessperson should always be in possession of, as well. This week we bring you four of these!

Today's Lesson


  • Your occupation is your job.
  • occupation とは、職のことです。
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  1. a: What's your occupation?
    b: I work in finance.
  2. a: What do you do for a living?
    b: I'm a roofing contractor.
    a: Isn't that a pretty dangerous occupation?
  3. Just fill out the top of the form where it asks for your name, occupation, and contact information. You can leave the rest blank.
  4. When people ask me about my occupation, I never know whether I should tell them that I'm a “housewife” or a “mother”.
  5. My son has changed occupations three times since he got his degree. I guess that's what a lot of young people do these days.

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