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With novels sometimes running upwards of 100,000 words, there are bound to be a few mistakes around!

Today's Lesson
PROOF(READ)   校正する


  • To proofread or proof (verb) a document is to read it in order to look for and correct mistakes.

    A proof (noun) is a copy of a document used for proofreading.

    A proofreader is someone whose job is to proofread something.
  • proofread または proof(動詞)は、誤りを探して修正するために文書を読む、つまり、校正する、という意味です。

    名詞の proof は、校正をするために使う原稿、つまり、校正刷りのことです。

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  1. Do you have time to proofread this memo for me?
  2. This article was proofed by three people before being published. How could the typo have gotten by all of them?
  3. By the time she had finished correcting the proofs, they were covered in red ink.
  4. I put myself through college working part-time as a proofreader.

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