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Welcome back! A day off in midweek can clear the head and help us see our life with new eyes. Sounds like ideal conditions for getting the most out of today's WordMaster edition!

Today's Lesson
LIFESTYLE   ライフスタイル、生活様式


  • Your lifestyle is the way you live.
  • lifestyle とは、生き方のことです。
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  1. People come to live here because of the warm, sunny climate and the healthy, active lifestyle.
  2. He makes a good living and has a comfortable lifestyle.
  3. I'd like enough life insurance to support my family's lifestyle if I should die.
  4. a: How's Edgar enjoying his retirement?
    b: Well, I think it's going to take a while for him to get used to the change in lifestyle.
  5. Here's a list of some very simple lifestyle changes that will help the environment.

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