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Today's Lesson
ONE-STOP (SHOPPING)   ワンストップ(ショッピング)


  • The expression one-stop describes a place that has all the goods or services you might need for a particular purpose, or the activities you can do in such a place. For example, a one-stop office supplies store (where you can do one-stop shopping) sells everything you might need for the office.
  • one-stop とは、特定の目的のために必要となるような商品やサービスがすべてそろっている場所、またはそのような場所でできる活動を表します。例えば、one-stop office supplies store (ここでは one-stop shopping ができます。)では、オフィスに必要となるようなすべての物を販売していることになります。
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  1. Berlitz On Wheels is a one-stop shop for all your cycling needs.
  2. Berlitz JobSource is a one-stop resource for finding and landing (= getting) that perfect job.
  3. We've opened a huge new warehouse store that'll provide customers with one-stop shopping for home and office furnishings, electronics, accessories, and garden decor.

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