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For Life
2007.12.18(Review of 2003.01.14 edition)

Here's one of Old Man Winter's most elegant creations!

Today's Lesson
ICICLE   つらら


  • An icicle is a long, pointed piece of ice that's formed when water dripping from a roof, window frame, etc. freezes instead of falling to the ground.
  • icicle は、長くとがった氷で、屋根や窓枠などから垂れる水が地面に落ちずに凍ってできたもの、つまり、つららのことです。



  1. Look outside! See the icicle hanging from the roof? That must be at least 50 centimeters long!
  2. The tiny icicles along the top of my bedroom window are lovely in the morning sunlight.
  3. When I was a boy, we used to lick icicles like candy and fight with them like swords.

英会話レッスンThe WordMaster will be serving up more frozen treats tomorrow!