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For Life
2009.07.06(Review of 2003.07.07 edition)

Welcome back!

As the temperature and humidity continue to rise, Japan becomes a delightful place to live ... er, that is if you're a one-celled creature that asks little of life beyond the chance to reproduce. This week the WordMaster takes out the microscope to introduce you to a few of his smallest acquaintances - and the foods they inhabit!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
GO BAD   腐る


  • When food goes bad, it becomes unsafe to eat because it's no longer fresh.
  • go bad は、食べ物が古くなって、だめになる、つまり、腐る、という意味です。



  1. Raw fish and shellfish quickly go bad if not refrigerated.
  2. We'd better eat this leftover meatloaf before it goes bad.
  3. a: Why did you throw away all these bananas?
    b: They've gone bad. Look, they're all black inside!
  4. You can tell if milk's gone bad just by smelling it.
  5. I wouldn't eat that spaghetti sauce if I were you. I made it almost a week ago, and I'm sure it's gone bad by now.

英会話レッスンQ: What's the difference between an edition of WordMaster and a banana?
A: A WordMaster edition NEVER goes bad!