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If you want to have it your way when dining out, take along this little gem!

Today's Lesson
HOLD (the mayonnaise)   (マヨネーズを)抜く、入れない


  • To hold a particular ingredient that's normally used when preparing a food item is to make the food without it.
  • ある食べ物を作る際に通常使われる特定の材料について hold と言うと、その材料を使わずに作る、という意味になります。

HOLD (the mayonnaise)


  1. (customer to barista)
    I'll have a tall mocha ... and hold the whipped cream.
  2. (waiter taking a regular customer's order)
    a: The usual?
    b: Yes, but hold the onions, please.
  3. WAITER: Our special today is a Chinese chicken salad.
    CUSTOMER: That sounds good. I'll take that, but can you hold the dressing?