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2008.05.15(Review of 2004.07.06 edition)

Although we often think of the men and women at headquarters as the movers and shakers of a company, you'll soon understand why the people in today's department are the real movers!

Today's Lesson
LOGISTICS   物流管理、事業の計画


  • Logistics is the management of the movement of equipment, supplies, and personnel for a company or other organization.

    It is also the detailed planning, organization, and direction of a complicated operation.
  • logistics とは、企業やその他の組織において、備品や資材、人員の動きを管理すること、つまり、物流管理のことです。

    logistics は、複雑な業務に関する、綿密な計画・組織・指揮を意味することもあります。



  1. Acquisition, storage, transport, and delivery of equipment and supplies are the responsibility of the Logistics Department.
  2. After negotiating with the Italian supplier for favorable pricing terms, we ran into some logistical problems in getting the products to Japan.
  3. The logistics of organizing a major international conference can be overwhelming at times.

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