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2011.11.10 (Review of 2007.02.22 edition)

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  • Someone is semiretired if they only work part-time because full-time employment is no longer necessary or - because of age or poor health - has become difficult.

    The noun form is semiretirement.

    Early retirement is the act of stopping working completely (i.e., full retirement) before the usual age.

    Be Careful! We do NOT usually say that someone is "early retired".
  • semiretired は、常勤で働くことが必要でなくなったり、年齢や体調不良のために困難になったりしたため、非常勤でしか働かない状態をさします。

    名詞形は semiretirement で、非常勤で働くこと、という意味です。

    early retirement は、通常の年齢、つまり定年よりも早くに働くのを完全にやめること、つまり、早期退職、という意味です。

    注意:人に対して、early retired とは、ふつう言いません。
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  1. I've been semiretired for three years now.
  2. Paul is a semiretired professional wrestler with dreams of being governor someday.
  3. I'm not ready for retirement, or even semiretirement.
    I'd miss the action too much!
  4. Just before going into semiretirement, she was the national project coordinator for Berlitz BioTech.
  5. As part of corporate downsizing, 200 senior employees have been offered generous early retirement packages.
  6. My wife is thinking about taking early retirement and starting a small business of her own.

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