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It's often on the flimsiest of paper, with print that's barely legible. But throw it away at your own risk!

Today's Lesson
RECEIPT   領収書、レシート


  • A receipt is a piece of paper that shows how much someone has paid for goods or services.
  • receipt とは、商品やサービスに支払った金額を証明する紙片、つまり、領収書やレシートのことです。
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  1. (paying cab fare)
    Could I have a receipt, please?
  2. (salesclerk to customer)
    I'm sorry, but I can't give you a refund without a receipt.
  3. (to employee leaving on business trip)
    Be sure to keep all your receipts. We'll need them to reimburse you for expenses.
  4. Most of the street vendors there will write you a receipt if you ask for one.

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