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July may not seem the most comfortable season for growing a beard, but we'll be spending a few more days looking at the topic anyway. So don't reach for the razor just yet!

Today's Lesson
THICK (beard)   濃い(ひげ)


  • Hair, fur, etc., is thick if there is a large amount of it with little space between individual hairs.

    Be Careful! “Thin” is the opposite of thick.
  • 髪の毛や動物の毛などについて thick と言うと、大量の毛があって、一本一本の毛の間にほとんど隙間がない、つまり、濃い、という意味になります。

    注意: thin は thick の反対で、まばらな、薄い、という意味です。

THICK (beard)


  1. Dan's got that macho (= very male) look. He's got dark skin, chest hair, and can grow a thick beard in just a few days.
  2. (one man to another)
    You're lucky you have such thick hair still. I started balding years ago.
  3. My dogs coat (= fur) starts thinning around this time of year. It's much thicker in the winter.

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