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2007.08.08(Review of 2004.09.08 edition)

Yesterday's @Work edition, “STINT”, assumes change in the workplace. Today's topic, however, speaks more of permanence, or at least of long-term commitment.

Good things come to those who wait - and pay their dues!

Today's Lesson


  • Seniority is the state of having worked for a company longer than someone else or having a higher rank.
  • seniority は、長年ある企業に勤めていること、または、他の人よりも高い地位にある状態をさします。



  1. It used to be more common to base compensation and benefits on seniority rather than merit.
  2. a: Do you think you'll get the promotion to Area Manager?
    b: I don't know. Heather has applied for the position as well, and she has more seniority than I do.
  3. Middle school teachers with 10 or more years of seniority are eligible for professional development leave.

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