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2011.08.29  (Review of 2008.07.23 edition)

Welcome back to the second week of our concrete jungle safari as we continue to track the Great Job!

Just as you'll never encounter a lion or elephant unless you go out into the bush and look for one, there's no surer way to find enticing employment than to go out and actually meet prospective employers face-to-face. So here's a fascinating idiom describing that approach!

Today's Lesson CATEGORY: イディオム


  • To pound the pavement is to go out and actively visit places, meet people, etc., in order to accomplish something; for example, to job-hunt by going from company to company.
  • pound the pavement は、例えば、仕事を探してあちこち会社を回るなど、何かを成し遂げるために、活動的に場所や人を訪ねて出かける、という意味です。
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  1. Dan didn't waste any time after learning that he was being laid off, but started to pound the pavement the very next day.
  2. I pounded the pavement for eight months before getting my first offer. It was a grueling job hunt.
  3. Our sales reps are out pounding the pavement ten hours a day. On average, they make $5000 a month in commissions alone.
  4. Mayor Knox won the election one vote at a time by pounding the pavement and meeting people on the street.

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