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Today's Lesson
BOUNCE (e-mail)   (eメールを)返送する


  • If an e-mail bounces or the (computer) system bounces it, the e-mail is returned to the sender without being delivered.
  • bounce は、eメールが届けられずに送信者のところに戻る、という意味で、an e-mail bounces(eメールが戻ってくる)、または、the (computer) system bounces an e-mail(コンピュータ・システムにメールを跳ね返される)のように使います。
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BOUNCE (e-mail)


  1. I tried to send you an e-mail, but I got the address wrong and it bounced.
  2. The system probably bounced your e-mail thinking it was spam.
  3. The system will be down from 6 PM to 6 AM, and any new incoming mail will be bounced back to the sender.

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