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How do you and your coworkers dress at the office? Is it suits all around for the men, or are some of them sporting khakis and polo shirts? Is it skirts and trousers for the women, or are suits the mainstay for female employees too? Today we introduce you to a trio of words that describe these differences, in dress as well as in speech, behavior, and a whole lot more!

Today's Lesson
(IN)FORMAL / CASUAL   形式ばった/形式ばらない


  • Something is formal if it is serious or official, or if it is suitable for serious or official situations.

    The opposite of "formal" is informal or casual.
  • formal は、厳粛な、形式ばった、またはそのような状況にふさわしい、という意味です。

    formal の反対は informalcasual で、堅苦しくない、形式ばらない、という意味です。
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  1. The dinner was very formal. I was so nervous, I hardly ate anything.
  2. I've been invited to a formal party, but I don't have anything formal to wear.
  3. They've already closed the deal, but they'll be making a formal announcement to the press tomorrow.
  4. "No problem" is a less formal way of saying "You're welcome."
  5. The word "watakushi" isn't used in informal situations.
  6. Don't worry. The interview will be very informal.
  7. We're phasing in a business casual dress code over the next several months.

英会話レッスンHave a terrific weekend - casual, formal, or whatever suits your style!