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How does a little shopping sound to you? Fun? Good, because we're going to be doing a LOT of it this week, in every way, shape, and form. Don't forget your credit card!

Today's Lesson
WINDOW SHOPPING   ウィンドウショッピング


  • To window shop is to look at the goods in a store without intending to buy anything.
  • window shop とは、何も買うつもりなくお店の商品を見る、つまり、ウィンドウショッピングをする、という意味です。
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  1. (salesclerk to customer in department store)
    a: May I help you find something?
    b: That's all right. I'm just window shopping.
  2. Our latest intercept survey showed that nearly 30% of customers making a purchase had come to the store intending only to window shop.
  3. A major online retailer is trying to recreate the experience of brick-and-mortar window shopping on their Web site with sophisticated multimedia features.
  4. At the start of the classic movie "Breakfast at Berlitz", the female lead is seen doing some early-morning window shopping in front of Berlitz Jewelers.

英会話レッスンPerhaps you thought window shopping meant shopping for windows?