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For Life
2008.10.30(Review of 2003.05.19 edition)

If it's comfort you seek, it's hard to beat a pair of these!

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PAJAMAS   パジャマ


  • Pajamas are a set of loose-fitting pants and shirt for sleeping in.

    We call the pants pajama bottoms and the shirt a pajama top.

    Be Careful[1]! Although you say パジャマ in Japanese, we always use the plural, pajamas (with an “s”) - often combined with words such as “those,” “they,” or “some” - when talking about a set of top and bottoms.

    Be Careful[2]! One set of top and bottoms can also be called “a pair of pajamas.”
  • pajamas とは、寝るときに着る、ゆったりしたパンツとシャツのセット、つまり、パジャマのことです。

    パジャマのパンツは pajama bottoms と言い、シャツは pajama top と言います。

    注意1:日本語では「パジャマ」と言いますが、英語では、上下セットのパジャマについて言う場合、必ず s をつけた複数形 pajamas を用い、よく those、 they、 some などの単語と一緒に使われます。

    注意2:上下セットのパジャマは、 a pair of pajamas とも言います。



  1. I enjoy being a little lazy on Sunday morning - waking up late, eating in my pajamas, and not getting dressed until after breakfast.
  2. a: Do you sleep in pajamas?
    b: No. I usually just wear boxers and a T-shirt.
  3. Be sure to bring some warm pajamas. It gets cold here at night.
  4. (at Billy's bedtime)
    It's time to get into (= put on) your pajamas now, Billy.
  5. Jenny forgot to pack pajamas for our trip, so I slept in my pajama bottoms and she wore the top.
  6. Have you seen my pajama top anywhere? I can only find the bottoms.
  7. You've been wearing that same pair of pajamas for three years now. Why don't you buy some new ones?

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