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Today's Lesson
ENTER / INPUT (data)   (データを)入力する


  • To enter or input data, figures, or other information into a computer is to put information into a computer using a keyboard, mouse, etc.

    Data entry and data input (noun) are the act of entering data into a computer.
  • enter または input は、キーボードやマウスなどを使って、データや数字などの情報をコンピュータに入力する、という意味です。

    名詞の data entrydata input は、データをコンピュータに入力することです。
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ENTER / INPUT (data)


  1. All you have to do is enter the raw data into a spreadsheet. The computer interprets it by doing some sophisticated statistical analysis.
  2. Then my computer crashed, and I had to input over 10 pages of figures all over again.
  3. (Japanese employer to foreign hire)
    About half of your job will be data entry. Your other duties will include filing, making photocopies, and proofreading my English correspondence.
  4. Accuracy is extremely important when doing this kind of data input. A single typo can cost us thousands of dollars.

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